Office move checklist: Things to consider when relocating office in Malaysia 

office relocation

Moving from one office to another can leave you feeling both excited and anxious. Especially when the office is to be relocated internationally, it becomes more challenging to find the correct to-do list for the process.

There are many factors to be considered while relocating the whole office, such as understanding the requirements of the new office space and everything in between. Moreover, there are some important factors to keep in mind while relocating, given below, we have listed a few of the most salient ones:


To begin with, managing expenses is one of the most important yet daunting tasks. This may include current place deposits that must be settled if leaving early, as well as any damage to current property that must be repaired. Also, getting a detailed floor plan of the new space gives an idea of the budget.

  1. Sustainability of business and growth in the new place is to be considered. It may include the technological needs and design of the workplace. One can get quotes from various office movers to access the best relocation deals. Any factor like equity requiring special handling or any new expense popping up in between should already be considered in the budget with a miscellaneous margin.
  2. A plan that will be perfectly structured with things to be taken along and left behind would help determine the correct budget. Additionally, the costs of immediate needs in the new workplace, like internet connection, interior, space management, etc., should be considered beforehand.

Communication and transparency

After confirming the relocation date, one should ensure that all the company parties know about it.

  1. The present place’s authority must be informed with an official notice.
  2. Everyone on the team should know about the changes this relocation will bring to their lives. They have to know all the why and how of the process.
  3. The address change updates must be sent to all the parties involved with the company.
  4. Distribute the responsibilities amongst the team members and create space for suggestions.
  5. Select the managerial people to coordinate and come up with the quotes for the best office movers.
  6. Inform the people of the locality who will be affected by this change of address and share contact details of the new place.

Find the perfect Malaysia moving services

One thing that influences relocation the most is finding the perfect packers and movers.

Finding the correct mover should rely on multiple factors, such as the following:

  1. Reliability and experience that the company has.
  2. A go-to website with a perfect explanation of the relocation service in Malaysia that they have offered in the past years.
  3. Reviews of the company on multiple platforms should be considered. It is also important to talk about all the queries before coming to any conclusion.
  4. It is better to rely on companies who have been in business as Malaysia moving services than trying to cut costs and trusting any company available.
  5. Verification of the company is the foremost thing. License and credibility should be checked beforehand. The reliability of the authority that has issued the license should also be verified.
  6. Looking for the company’s specialization can be a boon while relocating. Many things come with a handle with a care tag, and the company should be specialized in taking care of all types of entities. Taking the guarantee aspect into consideration can be helpful.
  7. The movers should be exponentially established in the business and well-versed with the resources needed during the procedure.
  8. The company should be responsible for the pre-shifting, on-shifting, and post-shifting to eliminate all possible goof-ups.

Final takeaways

When it comes to relocating to a whole new place, especially an international relocation, various things must be taken care of.

The preparation is supposed to begin before relocation, at least 12-18 weeks ahead of the stipulated time. It gives a brief overview of the process and helps one understand the dos and don’ts during the execution.

Before deciding to choose your reliable, flexible, and go-to packers and movers, good research on the same would make the shifting a hassle-free task.