Self Storage Service in Malaysia

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Small Storage Units

(10 to 20 sqft / 1 to 3 cbm)
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 Personal Use:
1 Bedroom Apartment

Business Use:
1 – 2 Office Cubicles

Medium Storage Units

(30 to 40 sqft / 6 to 7 cbm)
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Personal Use:
1 Bedroom Home

Business Use:
1 Office, Inventory

Large Storage Units

(41 to 80 sqft / 8 to 15 cbm)
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Personal Use:
2 Bedroom Home and Appliances

Business Use:
Inventory, Tools and Equipment

X-Large Storage Units

(101 to 200 sqft / 16 to 45 cbm)
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Personal Use:
3 – 4 Bedroom Home

Business Use:
Commercial Storage

Benefits of Self Storage Room

home relocation1. Flexibility

Offers a variety of unit sizes and lease terms to suit different storage needs.




self storage lock system2. Streamline Cylinder Lock System

Equipped with advanced security measures like 24-hour CCTV surveillance and secure Cylinder Lock System access controls.




essential steps of moving 3. Accessibility

Provides 24/7 access to units for convenient retrieval and storage of items.

MyRelo_Corporate-Citizenship_ethics4. Cost-Effective

A more affordable alternative to renting additional space for storage needs.




boxes for house moving5. De-cluttering

Enables homes and offices to stay organized by storing seldom-used items offsite.




men organizing storage unit6. Privacy

Ensures personal and sensitive items are stored securely and privately.

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